Green Food International is the importer, exporter and whole seller of Asian frozen fishes and vegetable products. We are also re-seller of some reputed frozen fish companies in the UK for their popular brands. We have a large product lines in our own especially for big fishes such as Ayer, Bowal, Rohu, Katla, Mirga etc.

Our sources are tested through our long time business relationships, they are all well known and reputed companies in the Asian regeion for their products and services maintained as European Standard in term of Health and Haygene and quality as well. Our main importing source countries are Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore and few more.
Green Food International is serving in the UK for long time among Asian, African and some other British and non-British communities. We know the taste of our customers, so we have the most popular product lines. We sell sweet water fishes and sea water fishes as well.
We are fully supported by facilities that match the Britisha standard of Health and Haygene procedures. Our cold storage was set up and monitored by experts people according the guideline provided by the regulatory bodies of local authority. We use refrigerated vehicles to carry our products in and out.